Monday, October 04, 2010

Seattle: Day 4

On Thursday morning of our trip we decided to spend some time at the hotel and have a slower paced day. We started the morning swimming. Every time we walked by the pool Charlotte would get excited and say "bath bath!". She has been swimming many times before, but she had no fear. She tried to get in without George or I in the pool - she is so independent! This was Jocelyn's first time swimming...she seemed to like it, but despite the warmth of the pool, she got cold fast.
Pardon the messy hair and the bad picture...Charlotte was not interested in the camera...she just wanted to get in.
Splashing Daddy

After swimming we headed to Snoqualmie Falls. But first stopped for some lunch. Although we aren't Twin Peaks fans, there was a restaurant near where were going that was featured in the show, Mar-T Cafe, now known as Twede's Cafe. We decided to check it out. The food was nothing to speak of, but we took a picture for a few friends that are fans (you know who you are!)

Next we headed to Snoqualmie Falls, just a few miles down the road...
Charlotte was such a trooper the whole trip.

The Falls were beautiful...the construction however, was definitely not. We were going to attempt the steep mile hike to the bottom. Since it was steep we knew we would have to take it slow, putting Jocelyn in the sling and holding Charlotte's hand. We decided to check out the trail once we arrived to see if it was going to be doable...unfortunately the trail was closed due to the construction. It won't reopen until mid 2011. We were disappointed, but enjoyed what we did get to see.

After the Falls we decided we were worn out. We had had several busy days and rough nights, so we headed back to the hotel for some nap time. I hate to say we wasted time in Seattle with naps, but we were all in need of them and it made the rest of the trip more enjoyable.

That evening we splurged and went to a nice seafood dinner. After getting suggestions from the hotel we headed to one particular restaraunt suggested to us. We walked in and immediately saw a sign that said "Must be 21 to enter" The particular location we went to was in a hotel and very much had a "bar feel" to it. I am sure the food would have been spectacular, but we looked at our girls...clearly under 21, and walked out. We ended up at the Crab Pot. We decided it was a more family friendly and comfortable restaurant anyway. We feasted on seafood and we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.

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