Sunday, January 04, 2009

Counting down...3 weeks

We seem to be on the downward slope for Baby York's arrival. Officially, we have 3 weeks of pregnancy to go. We have no signs or indicators that she will be arriving early, or late for that matter. So for now, we patiently wait. George and I have both enjoyed having the last two weeks off of work, and we both dread returning to work tomorrow. We have been blessed to accomplish quite a bit over the break to prepare for our little girl's arrival, but yet looking back, and looking at the still lengthy to do list, it doesn't seem like we got enough done. Some of the things accomplished include; carseat is in the car, nursery trim is painted, nursery is arranged, clothes washed and put away, some of the last minute items have been purchased, etc. Things remaining to be done will hopefully be accomplished over the next week.

I continue to feel especially blessed. My pregnancy has gone so smoothly with few complications or concerns. I'd be lying if I said I felt wonderful all the time, I certainly have periods where I wear out quickly, or don't sleep well during the night, and the heartburn...OH! The heartburn!! But, all in all, I guess it comes with the last month of pregnancy. I have been exceedingly blessed with a husband who cares for me when I am weak, comforts me when I am scared, and lifts my spirits when I am down. I thank the Lord everyday for having such a wonderfully supportive mate.

We wanted to thank everyone for their kind words, encouragement, and support as we embark on this new adventure. It is humbling to think of all that everyone has done for us thus far, and the journey that is still to come.

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