Thursday, June 05, 2008

We're still here.

WOW! Where did last month go? I didn't even do one post in May. Well, we are still alive and kicking, we've just been busy. Here is a brief synopsis, with a few pictures of our last month's activities.

We attending Total Money Makeover Live for George's birthday the first weekend in May. It was a fun and exciting event. We didn't learn much new, but were just re-energized to make better financial decisions. Plus, as always, Dave was very entertaining.

The second weekend in May we headed back home for Joann's graduation. She received her master's degree in Public Administration. Congrats!! It was a quick trip home, but nice to see the family.

The third weekend in May, Pleasant Grove, our church, had a visiting minister with services on Saturday and Sunday.

Memorial Day weekend we headed down to Flippin, Arkansas. Yes, the town is really called that. My mom's side of the family started a new tradition last year of meeting up at a resort there for fishing, chatting, enjoying the weather, cooking, etc. So this year, we decided to join in the fun.

Hannah and Uncle George
These are my cousin Jon's children, Tannin and Kadi.
Caitlin and Abby

The next weekend, we headed to St. Louis for another church meeting at Little Flock, followed the next weekend by a trip to Cozad, Nebraska for a meeting celebrating the 100th year of Mt. Zion church. It is the same church my mother was baptized into, and I have fond memories of it growing up. We had a wonderful time there.

Among all of this chaos...we have been house shopping...but I'll save those details and excitement for my next post.

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