Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fun Weekend

George and I hadn't had an uninterrupted weekend together with nothing to do since early or mid November. So last weekend, when he didn't have to work (he had worked the previous 4) and we didn't have any trips planned, we decided to go out and do several special things.

Saturday, after sleeping in, of course, we headed down to Crown Center. I remember Crown Center fondly. When we were young we would go to Kaleidoscope (at Crown Center), a fun craft and learning center. George had never been there so we went an visited some of the shops and grabbed a burger before heading to the outdoor ice rink. Of course, ice skating always sounds like fun...but really it hurts your feet, legs, and sometimes your hind end...not to mention it's cold. Thankfully neither of us fell, but our legs wearied very quickly, and our feet ached. We enjoyed it, but were thankful to put our shoes back on and get into the warm car.

Yes, that is the look of terror, also known as, "take the picture fast before I fall smile".

As we were heading back to the car though we heard an announcement, "Ladies and gentleman please clear the fountains. The water show played by the KC Symphony is about to begin". The fountains in the summer frequently have kids playing them and running through to cool down, but needless to say, it is January and 25 degrees, and there was no one in sight. We stopped and enjoyed the water show, before hurrying to the car.

I just thought the reflection of the lights on the the wet ground/fountain area was beautiful.

Sunday evening we headed down to another KC hot spot that we love, the Plaza. We never pulled out the camera, but we treated ourselves to a nice dinner at the Melting Pot and enjoyed just having some quiet time together once again.

This weekend will be another busy one, but one we are looking forward to. We have not been to Illinois in quite sometime, but are looking forward to making a trip there this weekend to celebrate a late Christmas with George's family.

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strem said...

The fountain shows are GORGEOUS. And, I have missed going to Crown Center. You reminded me of some great times there in KC. Hope you have a very safe trip to IL, and I'm glad you were able to have some uninterrupted time together.